Blue Bali on Cluny

B April 24, 2014
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Blue Bali on Cluny

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If you're missing Bali, this is the place to visit. Blue Bali recreates the atmosphere of Balinese lifestyle, with their elaborate hand carved wooden structures, bubbling fountains and private villas. The lush greenery around the place also serves to heighten the ambience. It's the perfect place to relax the Balinese way.

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The cheapest trip to Bali you will ever experience
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Stepping into Blue Bali is like stepping into Bali itself. From the music and seating to the smell of the food, your experience begins as soon as you step through the door. The food was delicious and authentic, the staff were friendly, and the atmosphere calming and relaxing, I left with Blue Bali as one of my favourites.

The staff were really attentive, when we sat down we realised that we were right underneath one of the speakers playing the music, and when we told them they were really helpful and quickly turned it down. Sadly I was a little ill when I visited so couldn't try all that I hoped to on the menu, when I return I plan to eat the entire vegetarian menu and enjoy every second of doing so.

It’s not a fancy or over the top restaurant, simply delicious Indonesian style food set against the natural beauty of the Botanic Gardens, giving it an atmosphere that just can’t be replicated in any indoor restaurants. Good food, friendly service, and the priceless feeling of being on holiday.
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