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Indian Restaurants W whitebread December 26, 2012 567
Not the best supper place
(Updated: June 06, 2014)
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I stay in the vicinity, and Ameen Makan House is basically one of the very few options I have for supper if I don't want to travel far. I would have to say that Ameen Makan House is at best decent, but nothing much to rave about.

I usually come here for prata and other occasional Indian food.The prata isn't exactly cripsy and it definitely isn't the best prata around, but they're decent enough to have. My biggest gripe is probably with their curry - I don't really fancy it. They aren't the best tasting ones around and they are sometimes way too diluted. I've also tried their beehoon goreng, which didn't impress.

If you're eating at the shop, it's usually extremely crowded and it can get a little stuffy. It's usually swarmed with (NUS) students and your order takes pretty long (usually 25mins) to come. Not worth the wait, if you ask me, but there isn't really any other supper options around.

The food at Ameen is decent, but not fantastic. My 2 cents worth - come here if you're in the vicinity, but don't make a special trip down.
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