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Indian Restaurants W whitebread December 26, 2012 576
Awesome supper and dinner food!
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This is probably a place which most NUS students have probably heard about, and likely to have gone to with a large group of friends for supper/dinner. Located just a short walk away from Sheares & Temasek Hall, many have gone there to satisfy their late night supper cravings.

My personal favourites are the Butter Chicken, with its creamy and buttery sauce and tingling spices. And with this you should also order at least a piece of naan with it, where you can dip the naan into the Butter Chicken and slurp it. I was told that the serving size for the Butter Chicken was meant for 2 people, but I usually order one for myself and have no problems finishing it right down to the last drop. Other items on the menu worth checking out are the iced Teh Cino (lots of milk!) & Cheese Fries with generous dollops of cheese.

If you are eating in-house, it might get slightly warm and stuffy despite all the fans. The ventilation is also slightly poor, and may leave a slight smell on you after you have been there for some time.

They also deliver to nearby areas, though I am not too sure of the exact scope of where they do deliver. Delivery and waiting times are often long due to the high demand from NUS students who frequently order from this eatery. And do take note that the only mode of payment accepted is cash if you order through their delivery service.
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