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Fusion Restaurants S shalene April 09, 2012 3881
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If you are low on budget but still wish to have a sumptuous meal, Saizeriya is the place to go.

One of my favourite haunts of all time, Saizeriya mixes a winning formula of low-cost food, a conducive ambience along with a robust menu to tantalize taste buds and keep customers coming back for more. Best enjoyed with a medium-sized group of friends, the restaurant is conveniently located in a number of places, with the City Square Mall and Liang Court branches most favoured.

If there is one thing you have to try at Saizeriya, it would have to be the Escargots, priced at a low, low price of S$5.90 for six snails. Of course, they would not taste like the ones which cost S$60 a pop, but for the price, you get consistent and decent quality. Tender and soaked in a flavourful sauce, the escargots simply slide down your throat and dissolve satisfyingly into your belly.

Within the extensive menu, the pastas and pizzas are true delights. Coming in servings that is proportionately more than the prices you pay for them, the Bacon Spaghetti and Bacon Pizza are definite must-tries for lovers of the streaked meat. Generously slathered within the noodles and in the pizza, each bite guarantees an explosion of taste, albeit a little greasy and at times, messy.

Lastly, the drink bar option is a godsend for friends looking for a nice place to chill after a heavy meal. Be warned though, the place fills up quickly during the usual peak hours, so heading down earlier will increase your chances of securing a bigger table.

Saizeriya is one of the places in Singapore which is truly cheap and good.
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