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Fusion Restaurants S shalene April 09, 2012 3880
Affordable Amazing Italian Cuisine
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The best thing about food is that when you least expected it, it can turn your world around. I was in the bus and have missed my stop due to a very tiring day and when I recovered my senses, I was a few stops away and at Bukit Timah Plaza. I immediately alighted and being hungry as it is after work, I proceeded into Bukit Timah Plaza to find a simple meal and wanted to head home after.

I was extremely upset when I found out that the food court which used to operate at the basement of Bukit Timah Plaza has been changed to NTUC fairprice and it was by chance I saw the big ad hung from the ceiling of the shopping mall. It was Saizeriya and being enticed by the price, I decided to give it a shot. Best decision I've ever made.

I ordered the Risotto and was amazingly surprised as it is a taste of paradise and turned my world around. It was cooked with such care that it felt like home-cooked food (even though i'm not an Italian) but clearly it was cooked with care and every single grain of rice can be seen and the stew is not overpowering or starchy like most Risotto I've tasted. Nothing could spoil my day or mood from that point onward and this became my "happy meal" which I shared with my mummy on Mother's Day.

The few things is a definite must-try beside the Risotto is also the Escargot which is baked snail in butter and garlic. The description sounds disgusting but it was an extremely delectable meal and will visit this place solely for this only.

I have been to both Bukit Timah Plaza and City Square Mall and have to say that food standards does not vary much between these two. City Square Mall has to fix their ice machine promptly if they are to entice people with their freee-flow drinks optional top-up as their fountain drinks are lukewarm.

Besides all of these, there is really nothing to nip-pick. For those who love nett price food places rejoice! this place does not have any service charge attached and the food prices are nett. So do check it out and if you wish treat me to a meal there.

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Escargot, Risotto
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Bukit Timah Plaza
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