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Fusion Restaurants S shalene April 09, 2012 3880
average but satisfactory
(Updated: February 16, 2016)
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Saizeriya has become one of my go-to restaurants for affordable fusion food with my friends. With more than 10 outlets located around Singapore, you can easily find one near you. Saizeriya is known for their ridiculously affordable prices, with pasta dishes ranging from $3.90 to $6.90. Did I mention that the portions are fairly big too?

My favorite dish at Saizeriya has to be the escargots. For only $5.90, you get 6 escargots baked in butter and garlic, not something you can find in restaurants for such a low price. My second favorite dish would be their pastas because of its simple yet tasty flavours.

The food arrives at your table relatively quickly and the waiters respond well to our calls. Overall, although the management seemed to have changed ever since it first opened, I always find myself returning for its value-for-money lunch/dinner fix.

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