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Saizeriya Hot
Fusion Restaurants S shalene April 09, 2012 9087
The Orientation Group Restaurant
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Marked by its spacious interior and free-flow drinks, Saizeriya is a popular dining option for orientation groups, CCAs and classes on their first day together.

I usually see Saizeriya as JustAcia with better food, my go-to dish being the Salmon Doria ($5.90). However, the food here isn’t too good either. The Salmon Doria is basically white rice drowning in white sauce - far too creamy for a regular person’s taste buds. They do serve a generous number of smoked salmon pieces though, which are tasty, albeit a little too salty. But considering the extremely cheap prices of the food here, you are getting your money’s worth.

Saizeriya probably isn’t the place to go for a regular meal on a regular day, but do visit if you’re looking for the perfect place to play shoot shag marry with your latest group of friends!
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