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Fusion Restaurants S shalene April 09, 2012 3880
Great Italian cuisine at affordable prices
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Our conception of 'Italian cuisine are too expensive' is now proved wrong. Now you don't have to visit an expensive Italian restaurant to taste great Italian cuisine! Saizeriya is definitely in my top lists of favourite restaurant ever since I visited it a few months ago.

It is hard to believe that there is an Italian restaurant that serves budget meals without the addition of GST and service charge. Furthermore, they offer set promotions where by topping up with a certain amount, you can enjoy free flow drinks too. Their plain water is full of charge (perfect for typical Singaporeans) too so you can take as many cups as you want to.

I personally love their baked rice/pasta as the creamy white sauce with cheese is just amazing. The cheese is not too cheesy like the usual baked rice/pasta. They have added special meat sauce in some of the dishes too so make sure you keep a lookout while flipping through the menu.

However, I was a little disappointed with their pasta as it was too dry for my liking. Different people have different food liking so if you like dry pasta, why not give it a try?

Instead of raising your hands to wait for the waiter, there is a special button on the table which you can press and the waiters will be alerted that your table requests service. I like this innovation a lot as it is convenient and time-consuming. During peak hours, busy waiters might not notice your raised hands if you are sitting at an unfavorable spot.

Being a student on budget, this is one of my top picks for an enjoyable meal.

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