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Fusion Restaurants A alleys-scavenger April 18, 2012 273
A Marche wannabe but worse
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As the reviewer below has observed, the variety is highly limited. And I personally find the flavours very bland. When I look at some of the food and the way they are presented, I get the feeling that a lot of technique and preparation went into the making of the dish. But none of that matters if the taste is not superb.

We ordered some chicken dish -- a massive drumstick swimming in some dubious sauce accompanied by a side of couscous. It was my first time trying couscous and it wasn't a good first experience. Swallowing the couscous was almost as good as swallowing flour, and it didn't help much either when I drenched it in that weird chicken sauce.

We also ordered pan-fried cod, and were served a miserably minuscule lump from which emanated a surprisingly fishy malodour. The cod itself was bland and needed seasoning, unless you count that fishy scent as part of its flavour profile. And when I stuck my knife into that lump and proceeded to carve it into portions for sharing, we were nearly asphyxiated as that repellent odour intensified and invaded our nostrils. It was a miracle we even managed to finish it. What a sad waste of quality fish.

I'd suggest sticking to Marche, really. And this place is overpriced too.

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