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Who says vegan food can't be delicious?
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As you stroll along the old heritage shophouses filled with eateries and pubs in Joo Chiat Road, you'll find this quaint little quiet cafe in a corner, just beside The Fragrance Hotel.

To be very honest, I've never enjoyed vegeterian food. I have nothing against vegans and I like veggies but fake meat??? I just can't. I need my (real) meat! So when my friend suggested meeting at Loving Hut for dinner, I was a little skeptical at first. But after seeing that they have quite a wide selection of interesting dishes, I decided to give it a shot.

My friend frequents this place often and she was raving about the Three-Cup Chickin Organic Brown Rice Set ($9.90) and Lemongrass Curry Organic Brown Rice Set ($9.90). Didn't feel like eating rice that day so I went for the Almond Crumb Fillet ($14.90) and Avocado Smoothie ($7.90). I'm not one to spend so much on a drink but I was really intrigued by the avocado and coconut combi and it was indeed delicious!! I loved how natural it tasted - it wasn't too sweet like those avocado milkshakes you'll find at hawker centres but at the same time, still tasty and full of flavour with an extra crunch from the coconut meat strips. The Almond Crumb Fillet didn't disappoint either. I love how it's cripsy, yet not oily. It's as good as it looks! In fact, throughout our meal, there were times I actually forgot that I was eating vegan meat and not actual meat. Kudos to them for that!

While the food and drinks were good, price will definitely be a factor when considering dining at Loving Hut. I'll probably only be back if I'm having a meal with a vegan friend or a friend who loves vegan food. This time, I'll try the local hawker delights like Teochew Mee Pok and Nyonya Laksa!

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