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Fusion Restaurants N nicole-lee November 06, 2013 316
Heavenly Waffles
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The smell of fresh, buttery waffles hit me and swept me off my feet the moment I stepped in! But Creamier keeps you in suspense cause it is so incredibly crowded most of the time. Its usually really hard to get a seat unless you visit during off peak hours, and there's always a stack of waffles with 2 scoops of gorgeous looking ice cream on each table.

I've been to Creamier a couple of times and there's no doubt that I will have my waffles with Plain Old Chocolate and Sea Salt Gula Melaka Ice Cream.

Plain Old Chocolate ice cream - definitely good quality chocolate (not the horrible king's chocolate ice cream served by low end ice cream places). you can see swirls of chocolate within and a slight yummy bitter cocoa hint to it.

Sea Salt Gula Melaka ice cream - Creamy and an explosive taste of gula melaka and a slight hint of sea salt. Definite-must-try!

Waffle - Crispy on the outside. In between those crispy grids, a good mixture of sweetness, a lil butter, and waffle batter taste. Not too airy nor dense. Goes surprisingly well with the drizzle of honey and chocolate circling the plate.

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Waffles and Ice Cream
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Toa Payoh
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Plain Old Chocolate Ice Cream
Waffles with Chocolate and Gula Melaka Ice Cream
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