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Fusion Restaurants N nicole-lee November 06, 2013 313
Is Toa Payoh finally cool?
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This is the probably the first success story to come out of the dwellings of Toa Payoh (my hood) and it wouldn't be a complete lie to say that I have, on more than one occasion, wished that this enterprise alone can elevate and draw hipsters and cool crowds to Toa Payoh.

My first visit there though, quickly nipped this modest daydream harshly in the bud. I will start by conceding this. It. Is. Tiny. The parlor seats no more than 25 people. That said, the congested indoor seating means no heart-to-heart talks over ice cream and waffles because I really doubt the aunties at the next table want to hear about how shitty last night's date was.

However, if you're someone who doesn't mind an elbow-to-elbow experience with other people in an ice cream cafe, then please go ahead and have some of that amazing earl grey, and pistachio ice cream. They are also really famous for pairing those delicious ice cream flavors with their signature waffles. Be kind to one another (and your waistline) though, share the generous portions they offer with someone else. Perhaps a second chance with that date of yours?

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Pistachio ice cream
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Toa Payoh
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