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Simple strawberry ice cream
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Creamier is an ice-cream place that is quickly gaining popularity, it is not hard to see why though. They have a huge range of ice-cream flavors, ranging from the usual flavors (vanilla/ strawberry) to the more exotic local flavors like gula melaka. It is a place that has flavors that will be suitable for both the young and the old, the adventurous and the ones who prefer to remain in their comfort zone. The prices are affordable and they sell waffles. Yes, waffles - the magical element that completes every ice-cream eating experience. As the store is located below a HDB out of nowhere, a drawback would be their location which could be hard to find if you are not driving. Make sure to map out the route if it's your first time there, or ask your friends who have been there before for directions!

My favorite flavor here would be the strawberry ice cream. Yes, I am one of those who prefer to stay in my comfort zone! The simplest flavors are the hardest to nail and Creamier has successfully changed my viewpoint of strawberry ice creams. I've always thought that strawberry ice cream has "no breakthrough", I mean how different can it get (but I still order it all the time lol)? But the one here has a strong authentic strawberry flavor with strawberry bits in it!! Best strawberry ice cream ever. The only thing I don't like here would be their waffles, which I find it important to complete my ice-cream eating experience haha. The waffles here are the crispy hard type which I don't like. I prefer the soft and slightly crispy at the edges kind (Wimbly Lu's) so I don't usually order waffles whenever I am here. I have friends who really love their waffles though so good for them. Go try it for yourself to decide if you like it or not! No matter whether you like their waffles or not, I am quite sure that you'll enjoy their flavorful ice-cream :)

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strawberry ice cream
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