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Besides just ordering their steamed pork dumplings (xiao long baos), I recommend that you try their soft shelled chilli crab noodles too. Every trip to The Asian Kitchen for me isn't complete without these two dishes.

Whenever I have chilli crab cravings, I'll get here to order the soft shelled chilli crab noodles (or just the soft shelled chilli crab side dish). Although it obviously isn't as great as original chilli crabs, it's good enough to satisfy the cravings. Plus, it goes well with the steamed pork dumplings, one of their signature dishes other than their noodles. Their steamed pork dumplings are slightly cheaper than the ones at Din Tai Fung, but it's still nicely done and presented, and also tastes as great.

Food is served quite quickly, so it's an ideal place for meals if you're a little tight on time. Servers are always smiling and attentive, knowing when we wanted a refill of drinks, or when we want to make additional orders. The atmosphere was a little noisy, as it was full and every table was chatting away. Despite that, I felt it was alright as it made the whole place feel a lot livelier as the restaurant was quite rather dark.

Also, I really like their spoons here. It's deep and perfect for scooping up your soup and noodles, and to put your steamed pork dumplings on it. It's like a dream spoon for eating those dumplings and noodles! Just their spoon alone makes the eating experience so much better. This restaurant is definitely recommended.

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