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The place to have dimsum in the wee hours.
(Updated: May 10, 2012)
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In Singapore, it is not easy to find supper places around. I am glad for the introduction of Swee Choon by my family and friends though, as it provided me with a supper place to go to at night to enjoy not too bad dimsum and chit chat our nights away.

Located near Mustafa Centre, Swee Choon is a place that is hard to miss. It is a small distance away from Farrer Park station too. Hence, everytime my clique of friends feel hungry at night and we have someone amongst us who drives, we will definitely hit Swee Choon for supper. A wide range of dim sum is available, such as Har gow, fried dumplings, beancurd wrapped shrimps etc. One of my favourite newly added item would have to be the custard buns. The dim sum sold here is relatively cheap compared to those at Crystal Jade. For those with a huge appetite, ramen and rice and dishes are also available. Therefore, one is definitely spoilt for choice at Swee Choon. However, it is quite crowded at around 10pm-12am. If you come in big groups, there might be a queue and you will have to wait for around 20-30 minutes.

Overall, a reasonably priced dim sum place to visit in the wee hours when you are feeling hungry and sick of Macdonalds.

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