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Chinese Restaurants D dawntillmidnight April 19, 2012 1257
Cool dim sum you won’t find elsewhere
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Swee Choon has really unique dishes that you cannot find at any other dim sum restaurant, and they don’t charge you a bomb for it either. They are also open throughout the night, and is a favourite haunt of clubbers for 4am suppers.

Their most unique dish is the Fried Mee Sua. The thin vermicelli soaked with braised sauce and fried to crisp creates fireworks in your mouth. Their Egg White Puff w/Red Bean & Banana makes for a delicious dessert as well.

The queue at the restaurant can get pretty crazy around supper time, and the old shophouse where it is located does not help things with its narrow corridors. Leave your number on their iPad at the front, and they will notify you when you have a seat.
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