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THE go-to Dim Sum place
(Updated: September 07, 2015)
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Swee Choon has built a solid reputation for itself over the years, and it still upholds the same or even better standard today. It's really "swee" right from the location, to the service, and ultimately the food.

The dishes I liked best has got to be the signature Custard Pau and Xiao Long Bao. The delicious blend of salty-sweet custard paste inside the custard pau has a very flavourful taste, which lasts right up till the aftertaste to get you yearning for more. If you want to have a taste for yourself, it won't be surprising if you call for seconds, or even thirds. The Xiao Long Bao was exceptional as well; the minced meat in the bao was nicely marinated, and had the springiness that you'd expect from a good Xiao Long Bao. Oh and not forgetting the soup encased in the bao, it is really heavenly!

One thing that led me to rate the overall value as 3.5/5 is the price of the food. Due to the reputation that Swee Choon Dim Sum has earned, it was natural that higher prices followed. After eating about 7 dishes, the total bill amounted to about 60-odd dollars - certainly pricey for the food. Also, the service staff weren't very friendly, and merely served the food and quietly took our order without staying to chat. While it's important for the food to be good, equally as important is that the service is welcoming.

All in all, Swee Choon is a great place to get your supper fix. But do not expect stellar service nor extremely good ambience.

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Custard Pau, Xiao Long Bao
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