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Chinese Restaurants D dawntillmidnight April 19, 2012 1264
Swee place for dimsum
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My to-go place for palatable dimsum, I used to be put off by the meandering queues. However, my subsequent visits made it relatively easy for me to secure a seat. The trick, if you haven't discovered, is to ask to be seated at the back alley. This works especially when you're only dining with a plus one. Nonetheless, quick seating comes with a price - sacrificing the ambience, not that there was any to begin with. The back alley saw some rats, lizards and other bugs scurrying around, which can be rather cringe-worthy. If you're really desperate, try asking for a back alley seat!

For me though, I would say it's worth it; just ignore the bugs. They're usually at a corner so avoid the corners and make yourself seated in a more open, centralised area and you should be fine! This aside, food wise, it's great for the price. Their xiao long baos fare decently enough, much to my surprise. Pork is fresh, because believe me - I've tasted stale meat in XLBs before and that's not a pleasant feeling. Chee cheong fun is rather subpar to me, with the chee cheong fun being overly oily.

Some of my friends though, have commented that they enjoyed it, so it may boil down to personal preference. Other dimsum like carrot cake was pretty alright, nothing to shout out but it certainly wasn't bad. Their porridge was pretty okay too, not too dilute, yet rather flavourful. I would definitely be back when the xiao long bao cravings call!

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