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Heartwarming food and heartwarming service
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Like most other reviewers, I went down to Swee Choon for the food. I had heard so much about their liu sha baos (buns oozing with salted egg yolk custard), and all their dim sums in general. And those expectations were met! I would say that Swee Choon's food standard is higher than most other dim sum restaurants at the same price range - they offer a wide variety of choice, and for the confused and fickle they mark their bestsellers clearly on the menu so order those if you would like a safe choice. They were all delicious!

What surprised me the most, though, was the service provided. The team of servers are made up of many middle aged aunties and uncles, and they are just the sweetest waiters you could ask for. While they did not have time to stop and chat much during the bustling restaurant hours, they did their job in a very maternal (but efficient!) fashion, teaching us how to order, wash tea cups, and even bringing extra plates for us when they saw we needed an extra spare dish.

For example, when I sat down at the table, the waiter saw that the sun was in my eyes (just a little bit!) and rolled out the canvas roof to block the rays. That gesture was really sweet and I appreciated that very much! This sort of homely service is unexpected at such a large, busy establishment and I would say it provided a nice touch to the overall experience.

All in all, my experience here was very positive and I can see why it has been such a favourite local spot for so long.


#1 Timing is key.

Swee Choon does not allow reservations, but is a very popular restaurant, so go at the right timings to avoid queuing. The turnover rate is high, and service is generally fast, but avoid timings like 6.15pm when the restaurant has just opened and people have just started to eat. Either go earlier (before 6pm) to grab an airconditioned place, or late as a post clubbing meal.

#2 Try their desserts.

While it is a more uncommon order, try the coconut dessert - it is a pudding served in the whole coconut itself and is deliciously fragrant and creamy. Their orh nee (yam paste) was also a pleasant surprise - it was thick without being cloyingly sweet. And the waiter told me they make it fresh in the kitchen, so that always gets extra points.

#3 Come in a group to share.

This tip applies to most dim sum restaurants. With a large group, you can taste more of the restaurant's menu offerings, and discover more favourites! And if you don't particularly favour a dish, the rest of your group members can mop it up, saving you the extra calories.

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