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Almost iconic
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Seriously, Swee Choon is the to-go place for all your midnight dimsum fixes. It doesn't serve the best dimsum, but it definitely has the most affordable option for dimsum at midnight.

Their quintessential dimsum dishes such as the hargau and siewmai are good, so there's nothing much for me to nitpick about. The meesua kueh is commendable though, especially when it's first served. The crispiness of the exterior juxtaposed with the softness of the meesua is something I still remember even though I haven't had that in a while. But please order this to share. It's quite filling especially when you probably have so many other dimsum dishes. The eggy horfun also sweetens the deal for me. I love my horfun with lots of eggy gravy, and this one does it decently well. Like I said, it's not the best but definitely one of the better ones. And who can forget their custard buns? The custard lava is not as "gao" or "thick" as I'd like it to be sometimes, but I think that it's good enough, especially when you're quite stuffed with other food.

I think this place is almost iconic. Just look at the snaking queues and you'll know. It's not the most convenient place to get to but it's not stopping people. Thankfully they've expanded to the shop space beside their original and they've got a pretty quick turnover rate, which makes queuing a lot more bearable.

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