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Chinese Restaurants D dawntillmidnight April 19, 2012 1257
A great place for gatherings over cheap and good dimsum
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You usually associate Dim sum for breakfast/brunch/lunch, but here in Swee Choon, they are only available for dinner/supper! And this is probably the only place i'm willing to have supper at.

Whenever people ask me, "Where can I have good and cheap dim sum?", the first place that pops up in my head would definitely be Swee Choon.

They have a wide variety of selection but some of the must-orders include:

- LIU SHA PAUS - on Instagram, probably 2/3 of the pictures geo-tagged in Swee Choon would be tagged with #liushaporn as this is one of their highly recommended items! This, is a must-try. You can satisfy your LSB craving here for a lower price tag rather than going to high-end restaurants like Imperial Treasure or Royal China :) Plus it flows EVERY. SINGLE. TIME! Nothing upsets me more than a liu sha pau that doesn't flow

- Mee Sua Kueh - Who knew your ordinary mee sua can be pan fried into blocks of irresistible goodness?! This is something that is exclusive in Swee Choon and found on every table there. Crispy edges and a soft interior with a tinge of saltiness, i'm sold.

- Spring Onion Pancake, Siew Mai, XLBs, Pork Floss Pancakes

Located near Farrer Park MRT and Mustafa, this somewhat dodgy eatery attracts a huge crowd every single day and night (they are opened from 6pm - 6am). Be ready to queue for at least half an hour, especially if you are in a big group! They have a queue number system and service is pretty efficient, and you can pick your orders while waiting to save time.

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