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I August 03, 2013
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Signature Stone Restaurant (SSR) offers clay pot rice that is uniquely prepared in very hot stone bowl.

This bowl is so hot that it could preserve the heat throughout the dining experience and continue to create the rice crisp layer after layer. Carrying both Asian and Western fusion stone pot rice dishes, SSR offers dishes like Stone Pot Chicken, Stone Pot Pork, Stone Pot Salted Fish, the Marinara sauce Rice, Ham and cheese Rice, Herb salmon Rice, Lemonary Scallop Rice etc.

Other mouth-watering stone pot soup, noodle, porridge and side dishes are also made available to take the diners' tongues on a journey to gastronomic pleasure.


Seafood Soup
Sesame Oil Chicken
Stone Pot Garlic Herb Salmon
Stone Pot Chicken
Stone Pot Chicken And Pork

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