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Chinese Restaurants K kuchiki January 06, 2013 305
Meat free, but not taste free
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Real food is my kind of restaurant. Meat free and caring about the environment, they also don’t try to hide what they aren’t. Take a look at the website and you’ll see them admitting that their food is not cheap like other less healthy alternatives, and that the restaurant isn’t a fast food joint so don’t expect your food to come quickly. Might seem a bit weird, exposing their negatives to those who have never even visited, but I kind of like how they don’t try and pretend that they’re something they don’t aim to be.

There is a really large choice of meals, all being vegetarian or vegan, and the menu includes whether they are gluten/ wheat free etc. The service was a bit slow and they charge $0.50 per glass of tap water, bit stingy, but overall I thought that the whole experience was good. I wish that I had asked for no chilli on my Aglio Olio, as the whole thing was a fire in my mouth, which is really a shame as the rest of the meal was really delicious.

Although they admit they’re not the cheapest restaurant in the world, my pasta was only $7.80 and I thought a really reasonable choice. I want to go back and try the burgers, and my only wish is that they started using vegan cheese so that there are more vegan options.
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