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Chinese Restaurants R raion October 09, 2012 371
Give it a try! With carbonated sour plum!
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My first visit at the Nex branch was a weekday night and it was already quite crowded. There are only isolated two-seaters table left and there were three of my friends. We had to make do with a bigger table at the end of the shop. Well, now's the catch. Right behind us were all the boxes and things kept. (it looks pretty much like a store room with dim lightings) The main lights were fused and hance we were having a rather romantic dinner. It's not meant to be sarcastic! Really, it's quite a new experience!

They have a wide variety of different laksa to choose from. From Penang, to Kelantan, to Sarawak and of course, Singapore taste. They have some with only mild spice, suitable for children and even for my friends who cannot handle spicy food! I like their Kelantan Laksa with that richness of warmth once you drink that soup.

Their drinks are pretty typical as what other cafes would sell. But they do sell some rare drinks! My favourite Earl Grey tea is sold cheaply and their sour plum drink is one of its kind. It is mixed with carbonated drink which I think is sprite or similar. It's really special drinking a gasy carbonated sour plum juice! Greatly recommend!

The prices are rather on the high end, close to $10 or slightly more for their laksa rice. Although similar laksa can be found at hwaker price elsewhere, it will be good to be it a try as their portion is slightly more and what's more? Give our little support to their staffs (they are hired from IMH or SGH).

Laksania provides good services with cheerful and friendly staffs. There is no service charge. We have to order and pay at the counter itself. But we will be served fully like in a restaurant!

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kelantan Laksa, sour plum drink
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