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Chinese Restaurants H hungrypanda July 03, 2012 702
The Just Alright of Asia
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My teammates either loved or hated JustAcia - while close in proximity to our training ground in Farrer Park, as well as having free-flow drinks and ice-cream, the food just wasn’t very good. I was on team JustAcia though - free-flow anything wins me over.

Orders are placed by filling up a self-order form, which is my favourite method because of how convenient and less stressful it is. Food wise, nothing is amazing, but I’d usually get the Spicy Cheese Ramen Set or Deep Fried Chicken Set - safe options, in my opinion. What’s memorable about JustAcia isn’t the food at all, but the times spent there. With the dining area being spacious enough to accommodate large groups, my team always had the time of our lives here, with lunches stretching to up to 3-4 hours long.

With so many memories forged here, I tend to forget that JustAcia is actually for dining. The free-flow option is extremely worth it though, so do get it and enjoy options ranging from White Coffee to Lime Ice-cream!
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