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Chinese Restaurants P poppy May 13, 2012 171
Great dessert at somewhat reasonable prices
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What first drew us to the cafe was its immaculate white facade, and the huge birdcages dangling from different ends of the ceiling. It was quite empty when we got there, so the ambience was perfect. We stayed there for hours sipping on water and stuffing our faces with forkful after forkful of their delectable, decadent desserts. I just love beguiling my weekday afternoons in this way.

We had some berries pavlova and their sticky date pudding. It was my first time trying a pavlova so I wasn't quite accustomed to how crumbly it actually was. It wasn't dense in a cake-like way at all but actually quite hollow inside. But the sweetness of the meringue and the tartness of the berries make for a good combination. I preferred the sticky date pudding, which to my surprise wasn't cloyingly sweet at all. The souffle-like thing was accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream and some butterscotch (or was it caramel?) sauce. It was fantastic, and surprisingly so because I really don't fancy dates (I mean the dried fruit, by the way).

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