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Steamboat Buffets W waterspiral June 29, 2012 1597
Exhaustion due to chewing!
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Seriously, I do not like to eat so much xiao long bao in one meal or even in a month. But this place's buffet is why i set aside my daily meal's carbohydrates for. First thing first, do not attempt to eat here on an average of thrice per month basis, especially if you don't eat a lot in a meal. But if you do eat here thrice per month, i salute you.

I always go the crystal jade xiao long bao buffet on a 3-4 months basis for gatherings with friends. The xiao long bao is renowned in Singapore and the steamboat has 5 varieties for soup base and tonnes of varieties for soup ingredients. I love the dual pot idea and the free flow xiao long bao there.

Here is the fallback: The amount of customers in the restaurant would mean that there are a lot of xiao long bao being made in the kitchen way beforehand. Xiao long bao has to be eaten freshly made and cooked within 2 hours else the taste would start to turn disgusting. I am very particular about that. Which was why i prefer to go to the restaurant on the last order of the day, where the xiao long bao are freshly made before closing.

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