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P May 13, 2012
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Pay Peanuts, Get Monkey (Service)
Overall Score 
I have been to Vienna twice so far and my visits have been paid for by my company and consecutively my aunt. No doubt they serve what all respectable buffets have; seafood bar, sashimi, sushi, asian favorites, hot soups, black pepper crabs, teppanyaki, western salads and appetizers, dimsum, cut fruits, ice cream counter and cakes plus free flow of drinks. But I won't visit again if I have to pay for my meal.

I can't put my finger to why Vienna repels me. It could be because the way the wait staff and leading hostess are so haughty and rigid in their rules ("Oh, we cannot change you to the tables inside the restaurant even though you have made reservations prior to arrival. The tables inside are reserved for other guests" Following so, Auntsy and I observed the table mentioned had been empty for the whole evening right up till the moment we left at the end of their serving time.)

It could be because they only replenish their oysters only half a dozen at a time for every 30 minutes. Which means they only replenish, like less than 50 in an evening service? It could be because it's so difficult to get the wait staff to top up our drinks.

If they choose to pay peanuts for monkeys, it goes without saying that we should not be paying so much for monkey service either.

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