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Other Buffets P poppy May 13, 2012 785
Seafood alert!
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Quite a hefty sum to pay as compared to an average buffet, but I'd say worth the price.

Variety is definitely not lacking.

I'll start off with the seafood selection-- they were fresh. I had quite a number of helpings for the salmon sashimi. They were generous with the salmon belly (the tastiest part of the salmon) and it was, well, of a nice orange colour if you get what i mean. Unlike some other stores/ restaurants whose salmon are of a dull orange.
I'd recommend the ambalone as well. They had it served in small dishes, with two pieces on each. I remember constantly reaching out for more. It tasted sweet, and "juicy". A great appetizer.

Main highlight's the oyster though. You've got to keep a lookout for them. Only 6 were replenished every single time and they were gone within minutes. More often than not, there'd be people at the side waiting, grabbing all six the moment they were out. So if you're there for the oysters, I'd say get a table near the counter if possible. The first time I was there I was two tables away from the counter, so that made things a lot easier for me.

Desert selection was average though. Nothing much special. But overall I'd say this is an international buffet restaurant with standards above the average. Ambience is good too, if you get the seats inside. However because most of the staff were foreign, I had some slight trouble getting across to them what I wanted.

Nonetheless, if you're looking for a good pig-out, this is the place!

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