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Other Buffets M mapyoursoul May 13, 2012 600
Wide spread.
(Updated: February 02, 2013)
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I've only been to buffet town once: I usually go to kiseiki because I like the spread there. Buffet town from what a remember, has a really wide spread of food. The sashimi section isnt as awesome in my opinion, compared to kiseiki's, but if you don't mind fried food and the ever growing waistline, then buffet town is the place for you.

Skip the pasta, it isn't anywhere near any restaurant standard so why waste the tummy space, right? It is affordably priced (considering it's a buffet) and I would go to buffet town over any other buffet places anytime (yep even hotel buffets). I remember more Jap food than anything else in buffet town heh.
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