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Korean Buffets E evelyn April 19, 2012 4262
Great korean food!
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I believe anything Korean is quite popular right now- Korean music, Korean bands, Korean fashion and even Korean food! 2d1n Sojubang offers affordable and delicious food and it is good for those who would like to give Korean food a try and if you are a Korean food lover, I am sure you will like this!

The restaurant is located at Tanjong Pagar above the shophouses. It is very smoky though and perhaps can get a little stuffy. There are many posters of Korean singers and celebrities hanging on the walls, perhaps they are trying to create a 'Korean' feel and make their restaurant more authentic. A wide range of meats are available for barbeque-ing, meat lovers will definitely make the best out of this buffet as there is a free flow of meat! Pork belly and bacon are yummy when barbecued with the sauce they provide. However, it is not really a place if you want to catch up with your friends over food. My eyes got quite dry and irritable the last time I was there due to the smoke and it was quite uncomfortable. However, the delicious food made up for it. I especially love to wrap my meat with the lettuce that they gave us and include kimchi in it. Totally Korean way of eating! Oh another piece of friendly advice- Do not wear long sleeved or thick clothing as it might get quite stuffy depending on where you sit at! Also, you will come out of 2d1n smelling like barbecue, no matter how hard you try to prevent the smell from sticking to you! So, girls with long hair should probably bring hair tie along to tie up your hair to prevent the smell sticking to your hair!

Be prepared to face a long queue on weekends and public holidays, as the restaurant is quite popular and many patrons go there for their meals often! Otherwise, a recommended Korean buffet that you should definitely try!
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