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Korean Buffets E evelyn April 19, 2012 4256
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Prior to going here, I googled it and one thing that stood out from all the reviews I read was that they unanimously agreed that the ambience at this place left much to be desired. I went in thinking that it was gonna be hot, dirty, and just generally unappealing... that wasn't the case at all.

Temperature-wise was just about fine. You do get some heat from the BBQ but they have big fans spaced out amongst the tables. The place wasn't dirty either, from what I could see.

No complaints about the food. I especially loved the lettuce which looked really good - fresh and green and clean. Wrapping my meat in the lettuce made me feel better about stuffing myself with all that food haha. At least I'm getting some fibre out of it, right?

Service was good as well. The ladies working there were friendly and checked on us periodically and helped us change our aluminium foil if necessary.

Would come back here again if I have a craving for buffet/BBQ - korean bbq is so much better than thai (mookata), just because it's so much easier to cook!
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