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Korean Buffets E evelyn April 19, 2012 4028
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Do go early before the buffet starts, as there will most probably be a queue. It's a popular place as the price is reasonable for the amount and variety of meat they serve. Also, there's the sweet rice drink (shikhye) available! Sadly, when I went there on a Sunday night, it was out of stock.

The staff would change the aluminium foil on the hot plate frequently, making sure that there wouldn't be much charred pieces left on it. Compared to other bbq buffet joints, where it's difficult to get the staff to help, they're autonomous and come even before you call them. The hot plate is tilted, so the oil from all the meat drips out, which doesn't make it too oily. The place is rather warm, so dress cool. You'll definitely leave this place smelling like BBQ, but it's worth it. Besides just eating, get a few bottles of soju too! It goes well with all the meat you'll be eating. If soju is too strong, get a bottle of beer and mix with some soju shots. It's a refreshing drink.

Oh, good luck if you're going in a big group. A group of 6 got squeezed into a tight table for 4, and it made BBQing and eating a little uncomfortable. But it's alright when there's all that food to distract you from it!
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