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Korean Buffets E evelyn April 19, 2012 4264
Good value for meat lovers
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I always go to 2d1n for the buffet dinner when I have a craving for korean food. You can eat all you want for just $20+, which makes it worthwhile as you can eat your fill, stuff yourselves with all the delicious meat; pork collar, pork belly, marinated chicken etc! There are other food as well, but I normally just stuff myself full with meat as it kind of lets me feel good about getting my money's worth.

It is best to reach there around half an hour earlier before its opening hours( 5:30pm) to secure your place in the restaurant as there are normally quite a lot of groups of people queuing by then. If you reached at about 6, normally the restaurant will be filled to the brim and you will have to wait for an hour or so for a space in the restaurant, especially if you are with a big group of friends.

I will advise against specially wearing nice clothing to eat there as the place is really oily and once you stepped out of the restaurant, your clothes will reek of the barbecue smell. It is really hot and stuffy in there too, thus sitting near a window seat will actually helps. If you are not too fussy about the atmosphere and are really hungry and want good food, I would recommend this restaurant.
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