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Korean Buffets E evelyn April 19, 2012 4256
Free-flow of little bits of heaven.
(Updated: February 08, 2013)
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This was a place I’ve been dying to patronize for the longest time, and I finally went there last night. There is room for improvement, but for $20++, I couldn’t have asked for more.

What I didn’t like was how confusing the place is. 2D1N has two floors, (A-la-carte on the first and buffet on the second) which seem to work almost independently from each other, and it was only after much instruction that we realized that we had to write our names on the waiting list on our own! It definitely got off to a messy start. When we finally got a table, we found a little plate placed atop the grill and didn’t understand what it was for. Luckily, we had a friend who had done this before, and we found out that you’re supposed to put the plate below the grill to collect the excess fat. Again, I was quite disappointed that no explanation was given to us. Do they assume that everyone is just born with this “basic” knowledge!?

Aside from that, the buffet line was glorious. The very skeptical people I dragged along were just as shock as I was at how good the marinades were (this place blows Seoul Garden out of the waters!). The staff was also very efficient when it came to changing our aluminum foil lining the grill ensuring that our meat hardly ever tasted burnt. I would highly suggest that you grill the straw mushrooms along with meat. Those babies suck up the fat/marinade so well you might cry taking your first bite. Can’t wait for my next trip back!
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