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Korean Buffets E evelyn April 19, 2012 4264
Best Korean BBQ ever.
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This is definitely the place for meat (especially beef) and barbecue lovers, and one of the best places to have dinner at if you're dining with a huge group of friends. Well, it is at least a novel alternative to steamboat dinners. However, the atmosphere can get pretty rowdy, so I wouldn't recommend this place at all if you would prefer to chat over a quiet dinner with a few friends. It gets a tad too noisy when the place is packed and you may even have to raise your voice talking to someone at your own table. Also, it can get discomfortingly hot and stuffy in there, so if you come with the intent of pigging out to your heart's content, be prepared to sweat like a pig too.

It's actually pretty hard to get a place, especially if you come with a large group, so be prepared to start queuing early (preferably before the place opens, if you want to get a seat early).

As for the food, as much as I detest Korean food and barbecues in general, I must admit that 2D1N is potentially the best Korean BBQ I've dined at. So its reputation is well-deserved. They serve a variety of marinated sliced meats to which we helped ourselves plenty, particularly their beef bulgogi, which had amazing flavour, and tastes even better cooked to the right level of doneness (which you will learn to gauge for yourselves). The beef bulgogi is great eaten on its own, for those who want to savour every nuance of the meat's flavour, but I personally think it's even better eaten with fresh lettuce and some rice (which, I'm told, is Korean style) because you get a delightful contrast of flavours and textures -- the crunch and simple, clean flavour of fresh lettuce against the tender succulence and rich flavours of the meat.

A must-try for all fans of Korean BBQ.

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