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Japanese Buffets C celeste-tan January 08, 2016 498
The go-to shabu shabu buffet for everyone
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My friends actually have an internal fan club dedicated to Suki-Ya, and I… may be part of it. I love Suki-Ya for its neverending promotions, which makes it even more affordable than it already is.

The range of ingredients available is satisfactory, although I usually just eat the corn and beef. The most important ingredients would have to be the dipping sauces though, which Suki-Ya has an entire bar of. I usually create my own concoction and experiment, although I eventually just use plain chilli sauce and egg to dip the meat in.

Although a favourite among my friends, the service does leave much to be desired most of the times. Servers usually look unhelpful and are slow in their service - but the food’s good and the price’s reasonable, and that’s enough to keep me contented.

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