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Opening Hours:
1130am - 1030pm
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List of Outlets:
#02-183B/C Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039594

#B1-02, Tampines Mall
4 Tampines Central 5
Singapore 529510

#02-07, Katong Mall
112 East Coast Road
Singapore 428802

#04-14/15 201 Victoria Street
Singapore 188067

#03-08/11, Bedok Point
799 New Upper Changi Road
Singapore 467351

#04-63/67 Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road
Singapore 238839

Blk 205 Hougang Street 21 Level 2
Singapore 530205

#02-16 Bukit Panjang Plaza
1 Jelebu Road
Singapore 677743

#01-35, Kallang Wave Mall
1 Stadium Place
Singapore 397628

Suki-Ya is an all-you-can-eat Sukiyaki and Shabu-Shabu buffet. They offer unlimited quantities of beef, pork and chicken, as well as a vegetable bar and 6 different soup bases. Lunch service is 80 minutes, while dinner service is 100 minutes on weekdays and 80 minutes on weekends. Suki-Ya charges an extra $2 from Fri-Sun, public holidays, and eve of public holidays. 


Source: Suki-Ya FB
Source: Suki-Ya FB

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Their nacho cheese balls are phenomenal.
Overall Score 
I love buffets. The thought of being able to take as much food as I want fills me with so much joy. When I feel like having a buffet without being too unhealthy, I go to Suki-ya!

With unlimited meat and a wide array of other raw selections at less than $20, Suki-ya’s lunchtime promotions are good value for money. Other than the meat, their nacho cheese balls deserve your attention. A bite into the meatball will allow yellowy goodness to spurt into your mouth. Be careful though, the molten cheese can scald your tongue!

If you are a meat-lover and are looking for a place to get plates and plates of meat, Suki-ya is the perfect place to satisfy your appetite!
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limited selection, lousy service
Overall Score 
Unlimited servings of meat? Free-flow vegetables? I could hardly contain my excitement when I visited Suki-Ya’s branch in Bedok Point for lunch with a couple of friends on a Friday. Of the 5 broths available we were recommended the Sukiyaki and Butaniku bases, which we ordered. Both were flavourful, but the Sukiyaki was much sweeter than we thought it would be.

The vegetable bar was a little disappointing as the variety was very limited, and for carbs there was only ramen and glass noodle available. The different sauce mixtures were quite interesting, but the chili sauce was not spicy at all. Dipping the cooked meat into the raw egg sauce gave the meat a really silky texture, and we polished off 11 trays of meat between the 3 of us. Service wasn’t the best – I was splashed with soup while a waitress was refilling the soups, and we were repeatedly ignored even though there were only four tables of customers.

Each person had to pay $24.90 because of an extra $2 surcharge on Fridays and weekends, which we weren’t advised about upfront. Overall, my experience with Suki-Ya wasn’t the best, but it’s still one of the cheaper Sukiyaki & Shabu-Shabu available. Disappointing.
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Shabu-Shabu galore
Overall Score 
Lately many Korean BBQ buffets have been gaining popularity in Singapore, but if you can’t stand the smoke and the grease, Suki-Ya’s Shabu Shabu Hotpot Buffet is a “cleaner” alternative.

The Shabu Shabu meat comes in beef, pork and chicken and are sliced extremely thin which makes for quick and easy cooking. Because the Shabu Shabu is so thin, they serve the portions to you so people won’t destroy it at the buffet table. The portions are quite small, so five portions per person is a good place to start.

For the other hotpot ingredients, there is a wide selection of vegetables, fish cakes and toufu. They also have a free flow sauce bar where you can design your own sauce for your Shabu Shabu
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The go-to shabu shabu buffet for everyone
Overall Score 
My friends actually have an internal fan club dedicated to Suki-Ya, and I… may be part of it. I love Suki-Ya for its neverending promotions, which makes it even more affordable than it already is.

The range of ingredients available is satisfactory, although I usually just eat the corn and beef. The most important ingredients would have to be the dipping sauces though, which Suki-Ya has an entire bar of. I usually create my own concoction and experiment, although I eventually just use plain chilli sauce and egg to dip the meat in.

Although a favourite among my friends, the service does leave much to be desired most of the times. Servers usually look unhelpful and are slow in their service - but the food’s good and the price’s reasonable, and that’s enough to keep me contented.

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