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Japanese Buffets R raion October 11, 2012 376
Don't expect too much
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I came here today with a Groupon voucher. Thankfully, reservations were made as the restaurant was pretty packed, perhaps because it was lunch hour. I had arrived about 15 minutes earlier than my reservation time, and was told to wait. I didn't have to wait long before I was seated down at the seat just behind the cashier.

A waitress promptly asked for which soup we wanted and arrived with the pot soon after. I then proceeded to the sushi/fried snacks station to have a little bit of everything. There wasn't a large variety of sushi and the cold soba station was empty. The fried food included chicken wings, wantons, sausages and taco balls. I didn't take everything, because they didn't really look appealing. The sushi didn't seem very fresh either after I had about two pieces. When I went back to my table intending to dig in, there wasn't any utensils available. I then had to ask the waitress for them and she took awhile to come back. The soup bases, one tom yam and the other chicken, took awhile to boil.

The conveyor belt that circulated around the whole restaurant had plates of food meant for the shabu shabu. However, after a few plates of meat, vegetables and a few types of balls, I came to the realisation that the variety of food weren't very large for the shabu shabu either. I kept seeing the same few items pass by, and got rather bored after awhile.

I don't think I'll be going back here again, because there are other similarly priced places that are more worth spending on.

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