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Japanese Buffets R raion October 11, 2012 290
Decent place for big groups
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This place's concept is based on a DIY buffet type of dining, where people can cook the food they choose in a modern steamboat style pot with soup, and can also get to eat tempura, fried food, sushi and other small items. As it is a buffet, with prices below $20, it is extremely economical if you are a big eater, not so much if your stomach cannot take much.

Due to the time needed to cook one's own food in batches and eat slowly, it is best to go in groups, where there can be interaction during the meal, a type of talk over steamboat kind of thing. The is quite a variety of food, and one will be almost spoiled for choice, so long as one does not place too much hope on the sushi, for the spread is quite small for a steamboat and sushi buffet.

The soup flavours are all quite good, and I personally recommend the tom yam and yakiniku flavours if you are in a group and have the double flavours pot. Try to go in the afternoon, as the prices are more affordable then, and do also note that the seating is not the most comfortable that you can find.

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