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Heading downhill
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Sakura Buffet used to be my family's favourite restaurant. For $20 - $30, you are greeted with an all-you-can-eat buffet, from sushi, sashimi, seafood, tempura, cakes, chinese food, teppanyaki, ice cream, so on and so forth.

The food used to be consistently good with everything cooked to perfection. However, recently the food has gone downhill, probably in an attempt to cut cost. The taste is not quite there anymore. Food is sub-standard. The sashimi is not always assured of its freshness (I once had to spit out the stale and sour cuttlefish in my mouth). The crab supply is not miserable - it often gets snapped up and they do not bother to replenish (they are seriously cutting down on their resources. Sigh).

The best part about Sakura now would be their Teppanyaki - cuttlefish, beef, lamb and chicken which has also shrunk in portion, but nevertheless, tasty and cooked well.

Another gripe about Sakura would be the atrocious ambience. It is definitely way too raucous to have your meals at Sakura. The place is too echoey. The noise is really jarring. From a place my family visits 3 times a year, it has become a place we would visit once in 3 years - that is the sad fate of sakura.

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