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Japanese Buffets P poppy April 22, 2012 224
(Updated: March 07, 2013)
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Irodori has always been one of the few Japanese restaurants raved by my friend (who is an ardent Japanese cuisine lover), so I was really excited to try the place out. The airy environment made for a really comfortable visit.

Sashimi is a must order. Theirs are fresh and come in generous slices. They do offer a variety of items, but not that much. I found their tempura items and garlic fried rice to be lacking in standard — the oiliness tends to get to you after awhile. They serve this free food item per pax (I can’t remember what it’s called! But it’s a giant grilled prawn with a delicious sauce) which was so good I wished I could have seconds.

Service wise, they can certainly do better. Sometimes it gets hard getting their attention, sometimes we are left wondering if they will ever serve our orders at all.

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