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Perhaps one of the best high tea places in Singapore
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Tea Lounge is ridiculously popular, and famous for its weekend high tea buffet. I've been there twice and twice I had to place my reservation one or two months in advance. Ridiculous, I say. If you want to book this place for festive occasions like Christmas, I suggest you place a booking at least three months in advance. Any later and you might not be able to get a place. I tried to book the place again this October but I couldn't.

Anyway, I guess the place is deserving of its reputation. Many rave about their scones. I'm not a fan of scones and there's only so many scones I can shove down, but I must say they're really good, especially accompanied by their rich lemon curd and thick clotted cream. The jams were great too, and I don't suspect they're the sort that come from jars on supermarket shelves.

The sweets were generally stellar but perhaps the most memorable items for me were the lime tarts, tiramisu, and some matcha-flavoured thing (okay, this isn't very helpful). There were also huge macaroons of various colours and flavours but I didn't have too many of those because they weren't my favourite flavours. There was also a bowl of mixed berries in some yuzu syrup and I'm glad I wasn't too distracted by all the lovely cakes as to overlook it. The tart berries and refreshing yuzu syrup were a great combination, light, sweet, and tangy. A mouthful of that should cleanse the palate if you've had too much sweets. Unlike most other buffet spreads, this one serves a number of citrus-flavoured sweets so, naturally, being the citrus nut that I am, I thoroughly enjoyed them. I'd also recommend trying their waffles and souffle, though the latter is served only upon request and if the chef is at his station.

As for the savouries, what I remembered most was this huge lump of salmon (again, sorry for the imprecision). I can't recall how it was prepared but the salmon was unbelievably well-cooked. Many restaurants, even the good ones, that serve salmon serve them overcooked, such that the flesh becomes tough and dry, and such a chore to swallow that you'd be wondering if you were eating some sort of fish-flavoured cardboard. But that lump of salmon was incredibly moist and went down your throat like melted butter. It wasn't the most flavourful thing (perhaps because I ate it without any of the sauces) but it was delectable nonetheless and very well-cooked. Perhaps it was broiled or poached?

The next most memorable savoury item was also a salmon dish. If memory served me well, it was something like a roll made of egg and generously stuffed with minced salmon at the centre. Rather greasy but really addictive.

I also enjoyed their fried chicken and smoked fish. There were some really good finger sandwiches too. The rest were so-so: assorted sushi, duck rilette, salads, and some Chinese food.

For tea lovers, be sure to switch your tea before the buffet ends. There were two of us the last time I was there and each of us was allowed one switch of tea. So we got to taste a total of four different tea flavours. We had mint and a few citrus flavours and a very tart rose hibiscus.

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