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I've been to Basilico twice and I'm raring to go again!

This is the place for aficionados of Italian food (especially pizza and pasta), and one of the best buffet places to go to in Singapore. I have a feeling the place is usually packed on weekends (because I think they serve foie gras on weekends) so, if you wish to avoid the crowd, go on a weekday afternoon. On the two occasions I was there, it was rather quiet for a while and we enjoyed the ambience.

The food was great, needless to say. The savoury items comprise mainly antipasti, smoked fish, biscuits, roast meats, pizza, and pasta. There's also a small Chinese section near the live station, where all the roast meats, pizzas, and pasta are served, but I don't think anyone's going to lose out not trying anything from that section. I don't even know why it is there. The best in my opinion are their pizzas and pasta, which I think will vary from day to day. But, on the two occasions I was there, they were stellar. The pizzas were not exactly thin-crust like the sort you'd get at Skinny Pizza, but they were not so thick either that you'd get too much bread in one mouthful. Rather, they were crisp and full of flavour, and the bread-to-filling ratio was right, not too much of one or the other. The first time I was there, they had an extremely addictive spicy mushroom pizza. That was amazing and I kept going for that.

The pasta was just as amazing and flavourful. I thoroughly enjoyed their lasagne on both occasions, which had generous portions of meat in between layers. They also serve cream-based, tomato-based, and olive oil pastas, which were all great and cooked to al dente perfection, but perhaps the most memorable pasta dish for me was their salmon cream pasta, which wasn't just creamy but tangy and a little spicy as well. I believe the base was a mixture of cream and some tomato sauce or puree.

The roast meats on the other hand were so-so at best, especially the chicken which was rather dry. The second time I was there, they served salmon and barramundi but, while the fish were mostly perfectly cooked, they needed more seasoning.

As for cakes and dessert, while I found nearly everything delicious, it was their tiramisu that stood out the most for me. Be sure to try that.

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pizza, pasta, tiramisu, ice cream
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the regent singapore
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