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Other C crystal1234 December 23, 2012 145
Amazing but at a price
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Imagine being in a high class cafe, all decked in gentlemen's suits and lady's corset dresses. Men wearing monocles and ladies with their frilly umbrella by their sides. A china plate full of biscuits placed on the table in front of them, they held conversations with one another, while sipping their cup of coffee mannerly while sticking little pinky finger up. That's what I had in mind when I stepped into Blue Mahoe Estate Caffe.

It was a different experience I had from grabbing a cuppa from Starbucks or Coffee Bean. The service was amazing with their staffs giving us their undivided attention, explaining to us the range of techniques used to brew coffee and the various coffee beans they offer. The coffee I had was amazing. How to tell if a cup of coffee is good? It kept me awake throughout the night!

But do keep in mind that a cuppa in this place is not cheap. Be prepared to pay a hefty sum to satisfy your inner coffee addiction. Overall, it is definitely a must-try-once for all coffee lovers out there.
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