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Milk Tea & Shakes P poppy February 21, 2013 1999
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I personally feel like sweet talk is dying out. This is especially sad because it is considered as one of the pioneer shops that introduced bubbletea to Singapore.

But try placing sweet talk beside Koi or GongCha or even the more obsecure ShareTea, I will safely say that the three latter stalls will be the choice of most patrons. Not that the bubbletea that sweet talk serves falls short of the other brands, it is a fact that most singaporeans go for brands. Not to mention the wide selection of choices one has at other bubbletea retailers.

I still miss the times I used to order honey milk tea at sweet talk because the pearls would be dripping with honey syrup and it just tastes heavenly. Nostalgic times. My friends and I used to walk all the way opposite the MRT station in the burning sun just to get bubble tea.

Sweet talk will always be remembered.
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