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Milk Tea & Shakes P poppy February 21, 2013 1342
Cheap veteran bubble tea
(Updated: February 26, 2013)
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Many grouse about its lack of variety be it in toppings or flavours, but they do not realize that a few years back, there was no gong cha or koi, but there was sweet talk. Their bubble tea are but the basics of how bubble tea even became an accomplished beverage, with tea with/without milk and ice blended drinks each flavoured with syrup, powder or even oreo, topped with pearls or jelly. However, that makes it cheaper, and a cup might only cost $1.20 and above.

Compared to the fancy gong cha or koi, sweet talk's prices are more affordable and they make perfect thirst quenchers as well. I feel that their only problem is that they do not try too hard to stay relevant and one cannot find things such as taiwan green tea or caramel earl grey tea types in their shop. But their cheap prices and adequately refreshing drinks draws me to patronise them time and time again.

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