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Located just right ouside NTUC of Novena Square 2, it was a shop I frequented the most during my three months long working near there. It was a good refreshing drink to me after a long day. What's more, the drinks prepared were all freshly made.

I have tried several of their combinations of fruits and vegetables but the one I love most (and became the only drink I want) is Avocado Milkshake, with chocolate or choco-mint flavour. For those who dislike the bitter taste of avocado,honey and the chocolate will cover some or most (you can request the amount of honey) of the taste, so fear not! The milkshake was thick to the right degree and served cold. No ice were added which makes the drinks more worth the money.

The staff was very friendly and even remembered me after my third visit. She already knows what drink I am going to order even before I asked. Sometimes, she will blend a little too much to be fitted into the cup and request me to drink some before she can pour all and close the lid for me. Hehe..

Well, I guess it being freshly made and the different combination of fruits are good for those really busy people who have no time to prepare juices for themselves at home. Furthermore, being located right beside TTSH (Novena Square has a link bridge to TTSH), it allows their staffs and patients to have abit more variety of healthy drinks to choose from.

Really love the drink! Wish they will have a few more branches around the island. (I think it's a healther choice than all the different bubble tea around.. >.

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Avocado milkshake
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