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Coffeeshops P poppy April 22, 2012 1531
Quality tea with a price
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The aroma of the teas is simply indescribable. In a sip of tea, your tongue will be put through a burst of flavours and aromas. My favourite was the silver moon tea, which has a supple flavour and refreshing fragrance. It also does not leave a rough after taste like some other teas.

The macaroons are not too sweet, and the crusty pastry is just right, not to crisp or wet. The cakes however, can be overly rich for some, but it does go down well with some hot tea.If you are hungry, you can give some of their mains a try, but they are not the best you can get anywhere and they are really expensive.

The environment is rather nice and comfy, and coupled with sipping hot aromatic tea from the exquisite tea set while enjoying some snacks could make your day, but it comes at a huge price.

Do take note that the tea quantity served is very small, and going to TWG to quench your thirst after shopping is not very advisable.

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Marina Bay Sands
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