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Quaint and good!
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Toast Box is a pretty quaint cafe. Although it is similar to Ya Kun, selling toasts and coffees, both its exterior and interior designs are very cute and inviting. I've recently tried the toast and egg from Toast Box and it was pretty good! The only qualm was that for a set meal, there was only 2 pieces of toast, 2 half-boiled eggs and a drink, which was very little for its price. Also, the toast was not crispy enough as compared to Ya Kun.

I tried the laksa for lunch too and it was delicious! Instead of the usual noodle, the laksa at Toast Box used Mee Tai Mak, and it reminded me of the famed Katong Laksa! The soup base was very tasty, and not oily like some places. It wasn't really spicy too, so people who cannot really take spice can try it. I'd definitely recommend the laksa!

Price-wise, Toast Box is definitely not considered cheap. Despite the fact that it is practically franchised everywhere in Singapore, a set meal comprising a main and a drink can easily go up to $8. The mee siam and laksa set meals are yummy, but it is really costly if you compare it to the ones outside, which on average are priced from $3. However, I'd still say it is worth a try!

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